Make one group member not respond to on/off under certain conditions?

Is there a way that a single group member could be set to not power off if the group is powered off under certain conditions? For the case I’m looking at, I have a group, ‘Outside’, that contains all of my outside lights. In the morning, a bit after sunrise, the group gets turned off in case an exterior light was left on (My wife frequently leaves the back light on when she turns it on when it’s dark out and then forgets about it).

However, there is one light that is on a bit before sunset until a bit after sunrise. I want this light to stay on at night. Obviously, if I turn the entire group off, it’ll turn everything off, including this light.

Since the light comes on before sunset and turns off after sunrise, I would think that ‘sun=down’ would be a good condition, and so when the sun is down, the specific light won’t respond to power off commands made through a group, meaning I can turn the group on if I want to light up outside the house real quick, and then when I shut it off, that one light will remain on until the morning trigger after the sun comes up.

Think that might be possible?