Make Recorder Logbook and History Includes avaialable for editing on the entities page

You wouldn’t remove existing functionality, you would add an additional filter after the existing filter in the pipeline that could override the global behavior

Regular filter still work

       entities_glob: sensors.*

on the entity provide a setting that can add it back into the list if its filtered out, or ignore it
some entity:
Logbook Override: dropdown-> Default, Always, Never

or, for the power user, allow setting when the filter is applied, before or after global filter (the before would be applied in code as if they were put in the existing “include → entities” list or “exclude → entities” list from yaml.
some entity:
Logbook: dropdown-> Default, Always, Never , include, exclude

No reason to break anything. There would possibly be the issue that you double listed an entity (one in include and one in exclude for example) but that issue is possible and exists today so its not a new problem. It can be handled the same way or improved upon.

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Bumping an old thread but very curious if this is on the roadmap… would absolutely use it

bumping up a really useful feature.

Bumping!! Could ABSOLUTELY use this feature!

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Another bump, I don’t want to log history or anything for bulbs and even some appliance status, I don’t need to know that my washing machine was 70% compete at midday 3 weeks ago :smiley:

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I just thought of another great use for this feature. Sometimes I’d like to keep an eye on a particular entity for a day or a few days. Maybe I’m changing something, maybe I want to verify that an automation has been running correctly, flipping switches or whatever which I typically don’t care about monitoring.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could go into the UI, check a box and start recording all that data which is typically useless? Then when I’m finished debugging, un-check it just as easily.

As far as I know, right now the only way to do this is to modify the YAML and restart HA.