Make sure a device is not used as router


I have a Zigbee bulb that is frequently offline. That is intentional. However, it is relatively close to my Zigbee coordinator. So it is frequently used as the first “hop” in the mesh network. Which means that if the bulb goes offline, the network sometimes is unresponsive for a while.

Is there a way to configure the bulb/network so that it is never used as a router in the mesh network? That would greatly improve the stability of my network.


Not possible, see → Stop Zigbee Mains powered device from being a router? (ZHA)

Summary: You are using a Zigbee Router product in a way that it is not supposed to work; the possible resolution is to either replace it with another lightbulb product that is purposely designed to be a Zigbee End Device instead of a Zigbee Router device, or change the way you use your Zigbee Router lightbulbs by disconnecting any dumb switches and make sure they always have power.

I highly recommend that you also read and try to follow the advice/tips in these community guides:

Thanks for your extensive and clear reply. I’ll see if I can get rid of the dumb switch as soon as possible.


I have current IKEA LED2003G10 and LED2004G8 white spectrum bulbs.
They have shitty 20201111 firmware with no updates available. They act as very bad routers.

They will drop the route to battery powered devices and the dashed line in the z2m map will disappear. My battery powered devices would take 5s+ to get ready if using those crappy bulbs. Replacing with other updateable ikea bulbs and all works perfect.

At least I can flash alternate firmware on my sonoff ZBMINI which are shipped as routers but with only weak client chipset