Make the old intercom smart

Please help me convert my intercom into a smart one using ESP. This is my first project on ESP. Tell me which module is better for this purpose, what and where I need to connect… Below, I will provide you with photos of the handset and the schematic diagram.


What are you actually trying to automate?

I want to receive notifications when someone rings the intercom and be able to open the door.

Opening the door, put a relay over the pins for open door and fire it from the esp.

Detecting speech, not sure.

I guess the reed switch is for detecting whether the handset is mounted? I assume there’s a handset?

Yes. This electronic circuit is inside the handset. A magnet is installed in the platform on which the handset is suspended.

And then does the person also need to press the button after they have picked up the handset to initiate communication?

for notification, measure the voltage spike when the intercom door button is pressed (when you hear the ring), step it down to 5 volts using a DC step down module, then you can have it in esphome, you can use the following code:

- platform: gpio
      number: D2
        input: true
        pullup: true
    name: "Building Doorbell"
      # Small filter, to debounce the button press.
      - delayed_on: 100ms
      - delayed_off: 100ms

The connection opens automatically after lifting the handset. The button must be pressed to open the door

I suspect I need two relays. One for closing the reed switch, which simulates picking up the handset, and the other for the door opening button. I found such a ready-made module with two relays:

This module is based on ESP-01. Who can tell if it has an ADC input for voltage measurement?

I don’t think so. ESP8266 Pinout Reference: Which GPIO pins should you use? | Random Nerd Tutorials

Are there any external ADC modules that can be connected to ESP-01? When an incoming call occurs, there is a voltage appearing on the line. I need to somehow capture this moment…

What voltage appears? Could be as simple as a transistor to a regular gpio?