Make the UI always default to editing in YAML mode?

Any way to get Home Assistant (OS) to always default to opening the configuration edit pages in YAML mode? I am referring to e.g. Settings → Automations or Scripts. I find myself switching to that more often than not, just looking to save a few clicks…

You’ll have to clarify the area you’re referring to. There’s many places in the UI to edit things in yaml. Also, please note that hassio is no longer used. There’s Home Assistant OS, Home Assistant Core, Home Assistant Container, and Home Assistant Supervised. When making posts, it’s best to clarify which one you use to obtain proper help.

Thank you. I edited the OP and hopefully clarified.

Thanks, I don’t believe there is a way to have either of those sections default to yaml mode.

You can of course skip the ui editor altogether and edit the automations.yaml file with your favourite text editor. I use VSCode, it has some nice extensions that work with Home Assistant.

Good idea on VScode. I’ll look into that. Thanks