Make update_entity service call to accept labels, devices and areas just like other service calls

Other service calls accept any kind of target, like areas, devices, or the new labels. But this specific service call returns an error Failed to call service homeassistant.update_entity. extra keys not allowed @ data['label_id']. Got None when trying to use other targets, even when they include several entities, and they exist.

Other calls accept those wrappers as targets, I imagine all calls should. After all they’re just that, wrappers to be convenient. If they can’t be used it defeats the purpose.

The hint is in the service name:


Not update_device. Not update_label, not update_target.

Yeah I know, but labels are supposed to be wrappers in some way. If I can’t add multiply entities using their label, what’s the point?

Interestingly the Developer Tools → Services page seems to show it should be supported:

You might be better off creating an issue than a Feature Request.

That’s what I mean. UI seems to be generic and show any target for just any service, even if not supported. But I think they all should be, since they’re just ways of wrapping entities in the end.

Hah → Update entity service call does not accept any target other than an entity · Issue #115008 · home-assistant/core · GitHub