Make WLED Main light RGB/Color capable

When I create 2 segments in my WLED instance, I get 3 lights in HA:

  1. Main Light (“Haupt” in German) - no Color capabilities, just ON/OFF and Brightness
  2. Segment 1 - full capabilities, Colors, Effects, …
  3. Segment 2 - full capabilities, Colors, Effects, …

I would like the Main light entity to also have full capabilities. What I send to that main entity should then be applied to all segments, similiar to how it works today with ON/OFF and Brightness.

This would make control of WLED much easier from HA, especially from Automations

Best regards,
Aaron Eisele

I have same issue. Have you resolved it? How?

I don’t use two segments anymore as I have separated my two strips, each one having its own controller now.
But what you could do is to keep the Main light slways on and 100% brightness and then create a group with the segments light entities.
That way, you can have one entity that controls both segments with full capabilities

good idea, ill try it - thanks

so it does work, but when its turned off with wled it turns off main so ha cant turn it on

and if you add main to group and turn off with ha you cant turn on with wled

also, if ha turns it on you cant set preset unless its turned off first and preset is selected to turn on

wish there was a better way but ill take it

Home Assistant provides groups for that functionality.

WLED doesn’t have these controls on the main controls level, thus Home Assistant also doesn’t represent them as such.

Implementing the logic you suggest would be Home Assistant-specific (and fake) logic implemented specifically in the integration, which is not allowed in the Home Assistant architecture.