Make your standard doorbell smart using Fibaro module

Doorbell using Fibaro implant FGBS-222

Use a Fibarro implant FGBS-222 device to add zwave to your standard doorbell.
The doorbell will remain working normally, but is gets integrated with Home Assistant. I used some automations that create a snapshot from the servailance camera when someone presses the doorbell, and sends a notification including the image…



  • Normal functioning doorbell using the existing pushbutton and ringer.
  • Makes use of the existing standard 8v AC transformer
  • Doorbell becomes available in Home Assistant as a sensor
  • Doorbell can be actuated from within a Home Assistant automation.



  • EB1: Fibaro FGBS-222
  • D1-D4: Diode 1N4001
  • D5: Diode 1N4007
  • R1: Resistor 249 Ohm
  • RY1: Relais 6v (coil resistant apprx. 60 Ohm, change R1 when different)
  • C1: capacitor minimum 2200 uF
  • ST1-ST3: wire connector
  • Veroboard print
  • Housing.


  • ST1: Standard 8v AC transformer (polarity is not important since it is AC)
  • ST2: Push button (some pushbuttons have a built in light. You have to disconnect the light for this application to work)
  • ST3: Standard ringer or gong

Fibaro FGBS-222

  • P to + DC (blue wire)
  • GND to - DC (brown wire)
  • IN1 to push button. (yellow wire)
    (the other wire from the push button connects to - DC )
  • OUT1 to R1
  • OUT1G to - DC



I created a simple automation that gets triggered by the doorbell, makes a snapshot and sends a notification like this:

alias: Deurbel foto
description: Als de deurbel gaat, maak een foto en stuur naar Telegram
  - platform: device
    type: turned_on
    entity_id: switch.smart_implant
    domain: switch
condition: []
  - service: camera.snapshot
      filename: /config/www/snapshots/snapshot.jpg
        - camera.dahua_mediaprofile_channel1_mainstream
  - delay:
      seconds: 2
  - service: persistent_notification.create
      title: Somebody ringing the door!
      message: '![Foto](https://<mydomain>l/local/snapshots/snapshot.jpg)'
mode: single