Make zone editable by service call

I have some ideas for automations that would need me to be able to set up zones on the fly or change the location of a zone to my current location.


  1. Send a message when I leave the place I’m currently at. In the automation I would create a passive zone of my current location and then trigger when the user (me) leaves that zone.

  2. Turn on the heating when I leave work. Where work is a location that changes often (for example as a consultant or working at a customer’s place).

There should be lots of other possibilities to use this.

So a service or some other means of accessing it in automations would be needed to:

  • Add a zone
  • Edit a zone
  • Get the current location of a user in a format that can then be used in the zone creation (maybe this is already possible?)

Install spook which has this ability.