Makegood wall switches

I’m looking at purchasing some wall switches (specifically these). They are tested to work with zigbee2mqtt, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they work with ZHA.

Has anyone got any experience with these?

Not me, but FYI, in reality they are probably manufactured by Tuya and just sold rebranded as MakeGood. ZHA support many other devices with Tuya’s TYZB01 series firmware but they are almost all just a little unique so you will probably have to add that full Zigbee ID of “TS0014”; “_TYZB01_bagt1e4o” to an existing quirk (ZHA Device Handler) or possibly copy an existing qurik and modify it if not that similar. Read:

and more importantly when it comes to Tuya devices also read:

If you buy it and turn out it does not work and can not modify code for a quirk yourself then submit a new device feature request here →

PS: Tuya or Aqara/Xiaomi are infamous for not following Zigbee specification standards so almost all their devices need developers to make custom device handlers that parse and translate each device.