Maker focussed 3D printing service

Hi, first of all I hope this is in the right section and not breaking any rules! If it is then mods please let me know!

Before I got my 3D printer I was making sensors and led circuits and things like that to use with Home Assistant but didn’t have any enclosures to put them in! So I ended up with circuit boards and wires all over the place. In the end I decided to get a 3D printer so I could make my own. I’m also an engineer so have a fair bit of experience with 3D cad so I could also design them myself.

I’m thinking of now starting a ‘business’ where I essentially print things for the maker community who don’t have access to their own 3D printer. This would just be for a small charge to cover material costs and running the printer itself but there would be no minimum order amount or anything like the mainstream companies. So much more useful for makers or DIY enthusiasts who just want 1 or 2 small parts made as one offs. I’m UK based and don’t really want to get into international shipping or anything like that so it would be a UK only service.

The purpose of this post is basically to guage interest in whether people actually want a service like this and would use it! So if it’s something you’d be interested in then let me know below!

Thanks in advance!