Making a bridge with LOGO! Siemens & Philips Hue


I’m new to HA. :smile:
Actually, I’m using a simple Homebridge docker instance with a Siemens Logo plugin which is very reliable. All my “real” automations is done in the Siemens PLC config (windows shutters, velux shutters, etc.) Homebridge is only there to have a reliable “remote control” system and I have to say that it’s working nicely with the network inputs in the PLC config (and finally: woman friendly with the Home app :smile: )

But now I’m facing a “little” issue.
I discovered the Hue system and I have to say that i was impressed by the dimming quality.
So I bought a hub, and can control my Hue lights (only some bedside lamp at some place in the house). But I don’t want to buy the Hue remote controls.

For me the ideal way would be to control the Hue lights with the existing push buttons in the house, and be able to “connect” the hue lights in my all off / all on circuits of the PLC for example.

So, to begin I need a bridge between the Hue API and Modbus server of the PLC.
And I found HA, which I think will be able to help me with these issues :smile:

I read some docs (yes, I’m not here to receive a working configuration, it’s my first post here and I don’t want to be categorized like that, I can assure you!) but I need some advices and some lights on how to do.

To begin, I wanted to speak with the PLC and HA.
I made a new Modbus TCP server on it, and configured it like that in HA.

name: logo_td2
type: tcp
port: 506

And I was able to get the state of a network output of my PLC config.


  • platform: modbus
    scan_interval: 2
    • name: Input1
      hub: logo_td2
      address: 6800

Address 6800 is related to the V850.0 as I found in the modbus address excel tab.

For the moment I didn’t tried anything on the Hue side.
But I don’t really know how to continue.

So the goal is to be able to control Hue Lights with an input of the Logo. But I also need the “state” in the Logo, for example if somebody turn on a hue Light with the Home app.

So if some have advices to give, It would be great!