Making a simple Tag automation

So when i write onto a tag using my Android phone and the Home Assistant application with admin rights, it works fine on that very phone, no issues there. When i try to use the tag on any other phone, my wife or other NFC capable devices on arduino or esp, it always whines about something. On my wifes phone it says “error while processing nfc tag” most often. Not sure if these messages are about the same issue, but nearly at the same time in HA logs its saying “Error handling message: Unauthorized” which made me think about the client not having admin rights, but even if i give them admin rights, its still not triggering the automation.

This feels it should be so simple to make happen, even the Android app tells me “Tags will work on any device with Home Assistant installed which has hardware support to read them.” But no, instead this is the longest single problem that i could not have found a solution for at all, beyond my own phone, so it kind of feels embarrassing to ask for help on this.

The next attempt for me would be to give admin rights again to my wifes phone to write the tag similarly as i do on my own phone, and make the adjustments to the automation from that phone. Then again try to trigger the automation from that.

I have tried to follow multiple different guides that writes the automation a way that does not require device_id on them at all. Thinking that might then be the possible problem im having where only the device that wrote the tag can use the tag, which again is against the text that is written on the app itself. I have not gotten those older(form 2018-19) yaml codes to work at all. Theyre supposed to get past the device_id problem at that time, HA says its invalid config everytime.

Anything else i write on to the tag works out of the box on any of these devices. I can read the HA written tag using the HA “NFC Tags” tool on my wifes phone on the HA app and it gives the correct id that should then trigger the automation the same as it does on my phone. The automation is to simply trigger a switch, all made straight from the mobile UI where the Action part is the only one i have changed, and that toggles the switch.

After a month of trying to solve this on my own, and another 4 hours spent on it today, im out of ideas.