Making Alexa open HA on Echo Show

Has anyone looked into opening Home Assistant on the Echo Show displays?

I was thinking it would be nice to have a skill so I could just say, ‘Alexa, Open Home Assistant’ and it would open the browser and navigate to my internal HA instance.
Not sure how authentication etc would work, as I don’t know if the Echo browser supports cookies and such, but would be nice to have an interactive dashboard come up on the Echo.

Yes, I did this a while ago with firefox.
But FF is not supported anymore, but you can start silk, go to your HA address and bookmark it.
Next time you asks alexa to open silk (assuming your were not surfing anywhere else in meantime) it will start with your HA.

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Thanks, I was hoping that it may be possible to either open the bookmark via voice (if another page has been navigated) or if it can be opened via a custom skill.
I’ve been doing some research and can’t find anything relating to doing either - are you aware if it’s possible?

Sorry, no I am not.

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here: Alexa Skill to display Lovelace dashboards on Echo Show