Making awning covers look like shutter cover in the UI

Hey there!

I’m new to Home assistant and I’m setting up all my 70+ devices ^^,

I have a bunch of roller shutter and awning devices, which work great with Home Assistant, and are exposed really well in Google Home. They all are controlled through the same zwave device (fibaro roller shutter), but I set the device class for them differently (for shutters I use shutter, for awnings I use awning).

Using the right class makes things work well on Google Home side. If I use shutter for everything, then Google Home gets confused when asking it to close the awnings.

However, the way awnings are displayed in HA is not great, because it matches an horizontal awning (like a curtain) and I have vertical awnings (that close from top to bottom), so I would like to change these controls to the ones used for shutters.

I’ve tried using customize, as follow:

in configuration.yaml

  customize: !include customize.yaml
  customize_domain: !include customize_domain.yaml
  customize_glob: !include customize_glob.yaml

in customize_glob.yaml:

  device_class: shutter

That works, and now the awning devices look like a shutter. However, that also modifies how these are exposed to Google Home.

I guess that if I want to modify the controls without modifying the device_class itself, I need to customize other attributes or maybe create a custom component and use it somehow. But after hours browsing the documentation, I haven’t managed to find anything.

Any help, or an example?


Hey! Bumping this up.

Someone told me that I could use a helper to create a duplicate entity with a different type and then expose one to Google home while keeping it hidden in the Home Assistant UI, and keep the other for the UI.

Although it’d work (if doable, no clue how to do it) I would have to repeat that for all the devices in this state (8) and maintain it manually in the future.

I’d rather find some way of creating a custom entity that I can create as a copy of the original Shutter cover and then override some things (the device type exposed to Google Home) or, the other way around, starting from the awning and override the icons used.

Any idea/suggestions/examples on how to do any of these?