Making backups of z-wave and zigbee data

I started some years back with HA through the python version on a raspbery pi. It has become clear to me this is no longer the most optimal platform and I would like to change.
To do this, I would like to make sure I have proper backups. Of course I have an automated backup of the home assistant folder as well as the database, which I now regret to have put on a mysql backend back in the day.
I have z-wave devices (accessed through a z-wave hat on the pi) and zigbee devices (accessed through a usb stick and the native zigbee integration). For z-wave I use zwavejs-server (so the version without the gui).
I tried using the api of zwavejs-server but I did not understand the way it is supposed to be called. If I could do some simple curls to back up and restore the zwave data it would be okay.
Likewise, I would like to already move the zigbee stick to another device. What would be a safe and proven way to both make safety backups of this data and to move it to another device (I plan to run home assistant as a docker container on an intel nuc) ?


For ZWave. I can’t recommend enough moving your install to ZWaveJSUI. (there’s a guide for making the switch.)

Reason - automated backup of the stick. (in the UI) that drops to a file on my ha box that’s picked up on the ZWave backup (yes tested). I’ll also use that same backup to migrate to an 800 series based ZWave coordinator later this year. I haven’t ‘thought’ about a ZWave backup except when I tested the restore process about 6 months ago.

Ill let others speak to z2m/zha.

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You download the backup and store it in a safe place. If your zigbee stick dies, you buy a new one and click on “migrate radio”.

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I tried this and it results in a small bit of json holding the configuration of the zigbee radio. I expected info on all paired devices to be there, including the names of the HA entities. Does this mean that the recovery process involves migrating the radio after which it will reconnect with all the zigbee devices ? How are these devices re-linked to the proper entity names in HA after a restore ?

It is just the content of the sticks NVRAM.