Making bathroom exhaust fan smart

I am trying to make my bathroom exhaust smart. I plan on buying Sonoff ZBMINI-L and connecting directly to the exhaust wiring (and not connecting it to the switch ) and keeping the switch always on. The sonoff will connect to HA and i have a humidity sensor already in my bathrrom, whcih will trigger sonoff switch

I am not sure if Sonoff ZBMINI-L is the correct design aswell as i don’t very well understand how to connect to it. I live in netherlands and the wiring for exhaust has one blue and one black wire

Any help with wiring, which wire goes where would be helpful, the sonoff has

  • L out
  • L in
  • S1
  • S2

You also need a zero conductor N for the fan.
Sonoff L-out black fan conductor, L-in phase conductor.
Blue fan wire wire N.

Hi Sorry i don’t understand that very well

why i need conductor N ?

sonoff ZBMINI-L works without neutral aswell

Sonoff yes, but the fan needs L + N.
The fan cannot work with a single wire :wink:

yes fan has both L and N , black and blue are those right

You connect this N fan to N of your distribution network.
What don’t you understand?
Instead of a light bulb, imagine a fan

sorry if i am just being too dumb, but i am not going to use a switch in between

switch is going to be always on

The Sonoff will sit between the two wires (bown and black) coming from the wall and the exhaust fan

no switch involved, consider the wires to be always on

If you control HA automation then ignore terminals S1 and S2
Your on switch /on will be L-in

That worked, thanks for walking me through :slight_smile:

The issue now is i have conbee || connected via deconz
when i try to pair the device i am unable to pair it in phoscon web app UI but it ended up showing in my deconz pannel

any help how to go further ?

switched to zigbee2mqtt and instantly the device was detected.
Thanks for all the help

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