Making district heating - underfloor heating smart?

Hi everyone,

I live in a house built in 2007. Like most homes here, we have district heating, that is supplied to a unit in our house. The unit has heat exchangers that then mix the water which is then then distributed to taps, showers etc. and to the Neotherm underfloor heating system. When it was built, it wasn’t efficient enough to only have a controller and manifold to supply all rooms from where the district heating unit is placed, and therefore another controller and manifold is installed in the other end of the house. In general, there are not many features at all on our system, no flow gauges, no thermo-manometers in the far side of the house, the thermostats are old 866mhz analogue senders, where the temperature has to be set from 1-7, and it does not seem to be consistent what temperature these generic values correspond to. T

Now, I would like to improve a bit on this system, as we are not quite satisfied with how it functions. There are a few things I would especially like to improve upon. First of all, the system reacts extremely slow to changes in weather. So we often have a house that is very cold or very warm, depending on the change, and it will usually take a few days to compensate. Also, we cannot really pull any figures to see how the system is running, and have no control over it to ensure it is efficient.

Now, I do not need any physical controls or gauges to be honest, I would like to just have home assistant / nodered control everything.

Anyone that can point me in the right direction to start scoping a project like this?

A bit late but I made a Neotherm to MQTT gateway for the purpose.
It is based on node.js