Making energy monitoring work

Hello everybody !

I am a new HA enjoyer, and i am trying to integrate a way to measure the power consumption of my entire house to HA
I was thinking about buying a shelly EM or simillar, but as i have 3 different phases comming in my house i wanted a more cost effective solution and the more diy, the better after all !

I so bought the 4 channel Power Sensor from Mottramlabs:
(New user so i cannot post more media)

It commes with a prebuilt ADC (1115) that is compatible with esphome
And I also got some SCT 013 100A/50ma current clamps to go with it

The trouble that i have using them is while wanting to combine everything together and make it work.

I tryed creating my own YAML with the help of the esphome website:

But it diden’t work really well.
I struggled to find a decent solution thinking it wouldn’t be hard, after all i just want a value in AMPS to show in my HA dashboard…

Boy was i wrong, it seems too hard for me right now.
I saw a post of a guy that used the EXACT same config as me hardware speaking, and used his YAML file, but the values of my dashboard stay at 0 event when applying a load trough the clamps.
This is the project i used:

I don’t know what exactly to do to start getting amps values in my dashboard moving.

If someone would like to help me resolving this issue, and better, help me understand how this thing really works / understand where are my errors.
I would really appreciate it !

Thank you for reading !
If you need any more documents, config files or more explainations, i will gladdly provide them !

Post the ESPHome logs for that device and we’ll see if we can anything wrong…