Making events happen in a series

As a new person to Node-Red, I’m probably over looking something really simple. I’m trying to create a visual “timer” for my kids where a light fixture changes color based on elapsed time. I can get the light to come on and have the color set correct (different times on different days), but I can’t figure out how to trigger the following events to happen.

Try this timer, this will return the elapsed time and you can act accordingly

@PurpleToad09 I guess you already figured this out, but just in case.

Assuming you’re using the Inject node to start off your automation at 7 AM every day, then all you need to do is keep the Call Series nodes in series.

For example: Inject (7 AM) --> Red --> Delay 1hr --> Orange --> Delay 1hr --> Green --> Delay 1hr, etc.
If it needs to start when they start playing a console or something then you change the Inject node out for a State Trigger node. And adjust the delays accordingly.