Making my Philips Hue bulb flash when Ring door bell pushed

Hi, I am a novice to Home Assistant. I have installed the OS on a laptop which is working. Most of my devices have been integrated including my Philips Hue devices including bridge and my Ring devices. My first attempt at automation is to try to get my Hue bulb in my lounge to flash when the Ring door bell is pressed or if not possible to flash when movement is detected by the video camera on the door bell? I could not find a trigger of the door bell press so I tried the movement. It won’t work but the bulb flashes when I active the routine within the Home Assistant automation.
Can anyone advise please?

Hi Costeta,
did you try the example-trigger from Ring integration page: Ring ?

  - platform: state
    entity_id: binary_sensor.front_doorbell_ding
    to: "on"

If yes, what went wrong?

Hi Heinz,
Yay your suggestion worked. Thank you very much. I have a lot to learn.

Hi Heinz,

with your help I think I know get setting up an automation. I have done a 2nd automation successfully.

Miss spelling *now