Making the transfer to ZHA

Hi there,
Last couple of days I’ve migrated from Zigbee2MQTT to ZHA and I’ve faced a lot of issues.
First of I’ve tried to pair some of my devices minutes after disabling Zigbee2MQTT, those attempts failed. After an hour or so I was able to pair a device. I had to change the default channel (25) to 15 before pairing was successful. My next attempt was to pair an Ikea Tradfri socket so I could pair some devices that where on that floor, that was successful; it is to limit the amount of devices connected directly to the coordinator. Within minutes I tried to pair a device through the Ikea socket and that failed, I had to wait for another hour or so before pairing was successful. I’ve got 36 devices, that’s including one coordinator and three routers (Ikea Tradfri sockets).

Today I’ve tried to pair an Ikea E1812 and after several attempts I was successful, only this is that the device doesn’t have entities making it useless.

Any idea on where I went wrong and what I should to do to make my experiance with ZHA more enjoyable?

You might be encountering a distance issue. Whenever I have a delay or issue pairing Zigbee (or Z-Wave) I try to bring the device closer to the coordinator for the pairing. Personally I’ve had very little issue with re-pairing devices almost immediately using this method.

I know there are some solid camps for both the Zigbee2MQTT and for ZHA, I won’t enter that debate since I’ve only ever used ZHA and have been quite happy with it.

I’m aware of the distancing issues, that’s why I’ve got those Ikea sockets :slight_smile: I think I’m still on the Zigbee2MQTT-train than onboard with ZHA: the many attempts a device needs to pair in comparison with Zigbee2MQTT is quite ridiculous.