Making the Typhone 2 SV compliant with Hass

Hi everybody.

First of all, that’s my 1st integration and post as well. Learning…

Here is my point :
A guy installed a Typhone 2 SV in my house some years ago but never tried it. I am currently trying to go on to manage my house with a PI4.

Searched everywhere a component that makes compliancy between the PI4 and the Typhone 2 SV (Delta Dore) but can’t find it anywhere.

I have 15 heaters (yes , 15…) that are already connected to the Typhone 2 with pilot wires so I would prefer to buy a gateway between the PI and the Typhone instead of plugging directly the wires to the PI through a new hardware.

Did someone manage to make it happen ? (Communication between the TP2 SV & a PI4 through ?

Thanks and please excuse my noob question if it is :slight_smile: