Manage tv with harmony and HA

Here’s the deal. I have a bunch of equipment in another room and want to put the harmony hub there with some additional infrared emitters. Ok great so I should be able to use the harmony integration and manage stuff. But the TV. In another room and not a smart tv. Just infrared controls. Any thought on how to also manage that seemlessly thru HA? Thought about a second hub but no one is sure if that’s supported and work. I thought about a remote strategically placed that could maybe trigger the infrared but wasn’t sure if you could trigger an activity on a remote plus the remote is portable so questionable if it will be in the right place all the time. Any ideas?

Either run wire from the hub in the other room to an emitter in the TV room, or use a Harmony remote, such as Elite. The Harmony Elite remote can transmit IR to the TV as well as communicate with the hub in the other room. Works very well if the hub in the other room is within RF range of the remote. Downside is, you will have to point the remote at the TV at startup and shutdown.

Why would a second hub not be supported? I have three harmony hubs all connected to HA with each one managing a bunch of different equipment (one of which being an older, non-smart TV in our guest room) and I can control all my activities directly from both HA and NodeRed.

Thanks for the replies. So right now I have an old Harmony 900 and it works pretty good but can’t integrate it with HA. Family really likes it. If I add two harmony hubs to this setup they will not be aware of what the other remote is doing correct? I kind of already logically know this but just in case. if I switch to a Harmony elite remote or something and replace the existing stuff, then in theory would it know as well? So take the XBox 360 that can’t integrate at all. If I turn the XBox 360 on with HA then it will know the XBox is on right? If I turn it on or off with the Elite remote will it know as well? Kind of like a Z-Wave light switch. When you turn it on and off in HA it turns on and off. If you manually turn it on and off at the switch it updates on HA.

Yes, the Harmony Elite will be in sync with HA, and vice versa.