Managing central scenes in automations

I’m slowly migrating over from HomeSeer to HA, but central scene management in Z Wave JS is preventing me from changing over. Maybe one of you guys has figured it out.

I have about 30 Z-wave lightswitches in my house. Generally, I have the house set up so that double clicking an entry or exit door turns that floor on or off. Triple clicking turns the house on or off. There are a few other patterns I’ve set up that I like.

With HA’s use of events, I can’t actually couple the automation management to a device or zone. It’s the Z-wave node ID that comes through in the zwave_js_value_notification event.

What I really want to do is catch certain events from a list of devices, like “Entry Switches” or even a zone for the devices.

Really it just feels awkward to have such a nice device/entity framework set up and then to have this threadbare management for central scenes. I know I could do it all manually but was hoping for some kind of organized elegant way to manage it.

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You can trigger off the event without specifying the node_id or device_id in the trigger data, then process it in a conditional instead.

That’s a good idea! Would be much cleaner. Still would be nice to have it UI configured, maybe somebody has done some innovative Blueprint.

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I’m going through the same process of migrating from Homeseer to HA. I’ve been on the hunt for a way to include the central scene info passed from the z wave switches into device’s state.