Managing hostnames for multiple HA instances

I currently have a single HA instance, running as a hassio installation on a linux VM as per the installation instructions. The VM hostname is but HA is accessed as hassio.local or

I now want to add a second HA instance running on a Pi3B+.

By default, this too will register itself as hassio.local and

Do I have to change the hostname of the new instance, and if so, how?


Don’t think you can. Just access the second one via [ip_address]:8123.

if you use a VENV install you can use raspi-config to change the hostname :slight_smile:

Thanks, but it’s a hassio installation

Thanks, but that isn’t reliable if both HA instances try and register with the internal DNS as hassio.

I have two instances of Hassio. A main system and a backup system to be used in case of hardware failure of the main. Normally this backup is powered down but if I do power it up while the main system is running I can access both of them perfectly fine via their IP address.

Indeed you can, however you can’t access them both via a domain name. As every other device in the network is accessed via a name, I am loath to having to reduce functionality: mainly because of the hassle if the underlying WiFi adapter is changed.

OK. I’ve found it now. There is an option in the hassio configuration to change the hostname of the underlying device.

Mind sharing it?

Edit. Never mind. Found it on the Hassio/System page.