Managing large installations via text files

I am currently using OpenHab, and am considering switching to HomeAssistant, so I’m looking into how things are managed. For instance I have an installation at a church with 13 HVAC units and multiple rooms reserved with an online calendar. When a meeting starts, the temperature in the room should already be at the setpoint. I organize all of the configuration in text files that are vertically aligned. It is just very cumbersome for me to use the GUI for all of the things that need configuration. Below is a snippet of that configuration.

Now, I understand HomeAssistant uses YAML, which is spread out vertically. Is there a way to organize like my example?

DateTime   CalendarEventBeg_CCAV "Start of result"   (gCalendarTstat,gHVACZONE_CCN1) {channel="icalendar:eventfilter:CalFeed_CCAV:result_0#begin"}
DateTime   CalendarEventEnd_CCAV "End of result"     (gCalendarTstat,gHVACZONE_CCN1) {channel="icalendar:eventfilter:CalFeed_CCAV:result_0#end"}
DateTime   CalendarEventBeg_CCC1 "Start of result"   (gCalendarTstat,gHVACZONE_CCC1) {channel="icalendar:eventfilter:CalFeed_CCC1:result_0#begin"}
DateTime   CalendarEventEnd_CCC1 "End of result"     (gCalendarTstat,gHVACZONE_CCC1) {channel="icalendar:eventfilter:CalFeed_CCC1:result_0#end"}
DateTime   CalendarEventBeg_CCC2 "Start of result"   (gCalendarTstat,gHVACZONE_CCC1) {channel="icalendar:eventfilter:CalFeed_CCC2:result_0#begin"}
DateTime   CalendarEventEnd_CCC2 "End of result"     (gCalendarTstat,gHVACZONE_CCC1) {channel="icalendar:eventfilter:CalFeed_CCC2:result_0#end"}
DateTime   CalendarEventBeg_CCK1 "Start of result"   (gCalendarTstat,gHVACZONE_CCK1) {channel="icalendar:eventfilter:CalFeed_CCK1:result_0#begin"}
DateTime   CalendarEventEnd_CCK1 "End of result"     (gCalendarTstat,gHVACZONE_CCK1) {channel="icalendar:eventfilter:CalFeed_CCK1:result_0#end"}
DateTime   CalendarEventBeg_CCM1 "Start of result"   (gCalendarTstat,gHVACZONE_CCSE) {channel="icalendar:eventfilter:CalFeed_CCM1:result_0#begin"}
DateTime   CalendarEventEnd_CCM1 "End of result"     (gCalendarTstat,gHVACZONE_CCSE) {channel="icalendar:eventfilter:CalFeed_CCM1:result_0#end"}

Also, in OH, we have groups, and a semantic model. Much of the system works without rules because of this. Is HA similar in this regard? Is there documentation to help people transition from HA?

HA currently lets you create most objects via the GUI or yaml. Most objects created graphically can be edited textually. Some can only be created and edited through yaml, but the software is moving away from that towards a GUI-first approach while giving the flexibility to also manage via text as much as possible.

Your best bet could be to setup HA for a limited test to outline a migration strategy. Other folks here that have come from OH could offer more detailed guidance too.

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