Managing multiple trackers for presence detection

I have Owntracks, iCloud, Wifi (via multiple ddwrt routers), nmap and many devices show up more than once. Is there a best practice for combining these via the known_devices.yaml? For example, for iCloud-tracked devices, do I manually enter the appropriate mac address found from the ddwrt-tracked device so that home assistant knows these are the same device? Likewise, for owntracks-tracked devices, do I do the same thing?

Are there pros and cons of doing thing type of manual mapping vs leaving Home Assistant alone to just sort it out?

I have 3 trackers (OwnTracks, iCloud, and Netgear) and I did what you described. I just copy pasted the MAC from the NetGear entries and applied them to their correspoding entries in OwnTracks and iCloud. It seems to have done the trick.

My only issue now is to get OwnTracks working properly with the wife’s iPhone so I can get rid of iCloud since the constant login emails annoy her.

Edit: When you enter the MAC addresses make sure you don’t leave any trailing spaces as that seems to cause HA to think they are separate devices.

For me, when I add the mac address and restart, I see no change in state or history. For example, I still have 2 entries for a given devices, one for Owntracks and one for ddwrt. Often the have conflicting states where one says away, the other home. Is it possible for these to be combined?

On mine I only have 2 devices with the “track:” field as “yes”. Everything else is set to “No” but with the MAC address field filled in. I’m not sure if that is the proper way to do it but from what I can tell that combines them into one entry on the front end but still gets the updates from each service. Just to show you what I mean, this is the knowndevices for my phone:

name: Bob
mac: 00:00:00:00:00:00
track: no
hide_if_away: No

name: Bob
mac: 00:00:00:00:00:00
track: Yes
hide_if_away: no

The top one is the entry from my router and the bottom is from owntracks. Even if I have owntracks disconnected on my phone, my router still reports my device as “Home” and will show that on the Frontend.

I hope I am making sense here. I’m still figuring this out myself.

@oembob - your two devices android9f07594be92faf50: and bob_g4:, as they’re both named “Bob”, do they show up as separate devices on your front page, or as a single “Bob”? I have two devices that I carry and I’d for both of them to reflect as “me”, so I was trying to figure out if that does the trick.


I’m using my own groups and views so I only have one entry showing on the actual front end. But if I recall correctly it would show up as 2 separate devices.

Ah okay, understand the concept but it went over my head on how to do it haha, just started last night with HA. By any chance is it possible to get code snippet on how to make that happen? Thanks.