Managing the attribute of the fan entity - preset modes

I have a fan that has three modes of operation: ventilation, ventilation and heat preservation. I can read the control of the current state through the sentor. But how do I manage its mode of operation. Please tell me how to send a command to change the airflow_models mode to 0 , 1 or 2

i don’t know what fan you have, but those look like preset modes…looks like you currently have a preset mode of ventilation on.

did you already try setting preset modes like the docs describe?

- service: fan.set_preset_mode
    entity_id: fan.fan_04
    preset_mode: air_supply

docs here:

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after thinking about it, I screwed three buttons, hung three automations from this topic on them. I brought up the status of the working mode, and I was more than satisfied

I think my experience will be useful to someone. Now you can build a logic of work depending on the weather outside and the state of the climate in the house