Manual activation of a switch should override the automation


Is it possible to override an automation if I would set a switch in HA to on?

Here is my issue.
I have made an automation to activate a power outlet to load my PHEV if the solarpanels produce enough power.
But when it goes down the needed power it goes off as I programmed.

In these winter months sometime it’s necessary to load the PHEV even if the solarpanels don’t produce enough and then I could turn the switch on in the dashboard but it will turn off becuase of the automation I programmed.

Therefor I would like to know if I can add something in the automation if I manualy activate the switch then the automation will be overruled for example a few hours until the sun goes down.

Thanks for your tips & tricks

A simple boolean helper. as a condition in the automation. If helper is off automation will run, and if on the automation wont run, or something very similar.

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OK, maybe I can sort this out but how do I add the boolean helper into the automation? Do you have an example?

Now I have this as automation to turn the switch off when the solarpanels produce less then 1700W

alias: Automatisch opladen EV uitschakelen

  • type: power
    platform: device
    device_id: 2b0b03d4379d1e9ad833c7cc5527dd61
    entity_id: 8b938d3017567b44111ae5c4d9c7d007
    domain: sensor
    above: -1700
    hours: 0
    minutes: 45
    seconds: 0
  • type: turn_off
    device_id: 999510a27a84ccee3b890581f3121964
    entity_id: 4b215eb5065c4d01e1338f3845991cb8
    domain: switch
    mode: single

Please format your code

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As Ever read the docs

here is what you want

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Thank you sir, I’m so new with this HA and I have to learn also how to work with the helpfiles :wink: