Manual alarm panel and mqtt_manual

How can I have both manual alarm panel and mqtt_manual working together? Currently I have manual working great through the web interface or ha_client but I want to add physical alarm panel (android or Pi) that will enable/disable alarm too.
If I add the mqtt_manual I get a second panel.

I am probably missing something due to my inexperience so thanks!

I’m confused, why do you need both? Why can’t you use just the manual one and have your android / pi display the keypad? Or same but with only the mqtt version?

How can I use “manual” and android/pi displaying the keypad?

just point your android to the page/view in HA with the keypad
I use a Fire7 tablet just for that. I have installed Fully Kiosk ( so nothing else can be accessed / used on the tablet.
I also hide the top and side bars so only the view with the keypad can be accessed (

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I was thinking if I could use the android app (mqtt) in conjunction with the web interface.
However, using the android is a solution on its own.

How about this app