Manual input entity


I have saveral sensors and switches on my HA, but I want to create a manual entity, ex. I want to every day record some value on an entity directly on Lovelace.
I want to have box where I can insert the value and it would record, so that I can see my progress as we do on … temperature sensors, a little graph with the measurements.

I’ve been playing with the input_number but it’s not how I want, it shows as a time bar with the different colors not as a graph, and also i can’t use numbers with decimal ex. 10.5

So, can anyone help?

You should be able to use decimals if you set the step to something 0.1 or smaller. The limit is 0.001 per the docs.

If you set a unit of measurement you should get a graph output instead of the bars. This is typically the reason that the history is shown as bars instead of a graph.

If the unit of measurement doesn’t work, you could setup a template sensor with the proper unit of measurement that just mirrors the input_number value. This would definitely give you a graph based history.


Thanks for reply.

I’ve used the step as 0,1 or smaller and like that i can for example reduce the value from 50 to 49.9 or lower, however it i cannot delete the value and put a new decimal value ex delete the 49.9 and write 32.8 it does not accept.
I believe this is a bug. I cant do decimals values on IOS app, IOS Safari or OXS safari, but i does work on my chrome windows machine.

yes, using the Unit of measurement works i now have the bars and the graph… i only needed the graph but …

Maybe you can help with two other things
1- I need to insert past values (in order to have the graph) i want to insert the values that i saved on paper to the HA
2- imagine i made a typo and instead of the value 20 i’ve inserted the value 200, how can i change the inserted value?
I will need to change the 200 to 20 so that the graph is not afected.


Without manipulating the database you aren’t going to be able to change past values.

An option may be to keep the data in a google sheet and then display the graph in HA.

See here for some hints on implementation.

I don’t want to have two sources of information.
Only want to have HA.

But is it possible to manipulate the database?