Manual learning for IR blasters that work with TASMOTA/ESPHOME

I was exploring the Broadlink IR manual learning feature from home assistant and managed to do this with my custom IR blaster using esp32 flashed with tasmota, using “MQTT Export” that saves the commands to the “mqtt_dump.txt” file. Then, I could use the protocols in my scripts and so on to send them anytime and add buttons for them, etc. So I am looking if this same feature in the broadlink “Remote: learn_command” can be implemented for TASMOTA and ESPHOME also. I am sure it will be a great idea.

The ir receiver is always listening to ir signals,
So you can simply view the ir signal from the remote on the tasmota console or esphome webui.

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+1, you get already access att all IR dumps by watching ESPHome logs in real time !

I am just sharing my ideas so maybe it can help in future updates, in TASMTOA I configured the 2nd onboard LED as a relay so when it turns on either from the home assistant or from the Web server UI belonging to the device itself it activates the manual learning function in home assistant (configured in automation) for a couple of seconds while indicating it with the red led as it turns off after the duration ends (Learn Command) the configured TASMOTA switch, then saves the protocols in the text file using MQTT Export: “tele/Esp32_universal_remote/RESULT” in the home assistant…then I want it to function as the broadlink mainly for TASMOTA IR devices so it can work easily in the home assistant without having to go to the device’s Web UI and read the signals from the console, and give the option to configure the protocols using MQTT Publish:
so I can add to the dashboard whenever I want. Also, I am pretty sure this can be implemented in ESPHOME more easily functioning the same way, even the learned IR protocols can be saved to flash, right?