Manual migration

Hey, for some reason my install of Hassos on my Raspberry Pi is corrupt, looks like my SD card got itself set in ready only mode and I’ve tried but cannot get it working again. I can gain access to the data on the card tho.

What do I need to copy across onto a new SD card to get back to where I was originally?

Unfortunately I did no backups before this failure! :frowning:

If it’s in “read-only” mode why can’t you make an image of the card? then just reburn it to a different card.

As for just starting over I’m pretty sure you just need your configuation (yaml) files & other custom components in your config directory.

yeah pretty much just copy /config yaml files…

The other things I ended up doing were to add delete the database file after I restored and then reboot. Also, installing the SSH and SAMBA add-on’s made things easier.

He won’t have a database to worry about in his case. However deleting the database resolves a multitude of issues at times…