Manually change attribute of Fronius Ohmpilot with button


Is there a way how to manually (with a button on dashboard) change status of attribute for sensor?
Fronius Ohmpilot has 5 attributes.
(up_and_running, keep_minimum_temperature, legionella_protection, critical_fault, fault, boost_mode)

The "boost_mode"does a thing where the ohmpilot send full power to the immersion heater whether there is surplus of energy from PV or not.
I need to be able to manually set this boost mode by a button on dashboard.

When I tried create automation / helper I am not able to choose Ohmpiot.sprava_stavu as I guess it was mentioned be just for reading not writing.

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I was also thinking of getting an ohmplit but wasnt sure what functionality is provided since the official documentation doesnt state any setable values:


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Since im planning to implement a feature which is a like yours Im also interested if thats possible.
Hope this gets more attention since I couldnt gind anything related to this wxcept your post

The API used in the Fronius integration is purely read-only.
Maybe Modbus can be used to write things to Fronius devices. Have a look at the devices manual and Modbus register tables if there are any hints.