Manually extract & install "private" integrations from dev-container to "customer" instance of HA


right now I’m developing a intregration for digitalSTROM, based on direct calls to the system without using any kind of helper system like mqtt etc.
However the project is been roughly at 50% and I want to install that integration code, which right now purly exists in my devcontainer on another “standard” installation, hosted on a synology.

What I’m looking for is some advice how to pack that integration in a archive, and unpack/install that on the target hosts. The target hosts “administrators” are not so technical affine or don’t have the time to setup a own dev-environment or even a own docker, so they aspect a zipfile to “install” that manually.

in the current development state I also don’t what to provide this code via github or other “public” methods.

is there any kind of a mechanism like a “custom component from zipfile” upload ?


There’s not actually any official mechanism for sharing custom integrations at all. The only thing that exists is HACS, which requires you to publish your code on GitHub.

That’s … sad. Ok, I’ve to organize me a vpn and ssh access to the target installations