Manually input monthly solar production?

Here in Brazil it’s possible to hook your local utility provider’s account to a green energy company - effectively, they sell you part of their energy, bill you separately, and each month you see on the main utility bill the amount of kWh they input on your behalf.

Is there any chance I could be able to input this monthly, and have it shown in the monthly stats of my Energy dashboard? Or maybe have the total value spread out hourly?

One issue I foresee, though, is that obviously the bills are not from day 1 to 31 of the month… I guess this is more a matter of finding a way to calculate the hourly split, and input that to a properly-configured entity?

Q: they offer no API/interface of sorts
AonQ: yes, there are a number of example posts on manually tracking water and/or gas usage from reading the meter…try a search in the forum

API? :joy: Of course not, why would they :joy: </irony>

I thought this was so odd of a request that I didn’t even try searching. Sorry, and thanks! :slight_smile: