Manually interrupt node red automation

Hello to all.

I have little experience with Node-Red. Therefore I get stuck at one point.

What should be built:
A shutter should go down when the sunlight is above a certain lux number. If the lux number goes down below a certain value, then the shutter should go up again.

Actual state:
This process works fine automatically with Node-Red.

I would like to have the possibility to lower the shutter manually, for example, without Node-Red raising it again when the lux value is lower.

Node-Red should somehow check if the shutter was moved manually (at the switch) within a certain time (e.g. 24h). Then the automatic shading should stop.

I thank you already for the help.

Can you detect the switch change in node-red? If yes, then you can do what you want. If no, then you have to create an entity (see: Template) that allows you to set the state and detect it in Node-Red.

Or add a boolean that is called “manual control” and it turns on when you use the switch.
Have an automation when manual control is on for x minutes turn it off.

Have this boolean as a condition in your flow.

This is probably easier than using templates and you can in advance activate manual control and the blinds won’t change from its current position

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Much better solution. I have had templates on my mind lately and have been corrupted by them :slightly_smiling_face:

An idea that I understand in part :slight_smile:

But…there is no switch.

  1. I have a shutter motor connected via a shelly. The shelly is controlled manually via a push button. It can also be controlled manually via the Lovelace interface.

  2. So I see in the log only when the shelly has moved the shutter. But I don’t see if the manual switch was pressed, the switch in Lovelace was pressed, or the Shelly received the command from Node-Red?

Question: Where do I get the switch that signals Node-Red that the manual switch or the switch was switched manually via Lovelace?

entity: cover.rl_eg_ez_hinten

I think @Hellis81 suggestion to use this is what you want