"Manually" override or change state (Sonoff PIR SNZB-03)

Hi all,

I’ve recently bought a couple of Sonoff SNZB-03 motion sensors.

We all know about the false positives, that can be solved bij soldering a capacitor to the board.

The other problem is that the sensor sends both the presence true and presence false commands to switch the state in HA. However, there are circumstances that the presence=false command does not reach HA. This causes the sensor to show motion for hours and hours.

I’ve read somewhere that you can change the state of a sensor by using rest commands. I’ve searched and read about it, but I don’t understand how this works.

Can anyone point me towards a howto/wiki that explains how these commands work and how a state of a sensor can be changed in HA?

A new motion trigger will of course send a new state change to HA, which is fine.




I’ve found a thread abt. using python scripts for this.

Gonna try that first.