Manually switch OpenSprinkler valves

I’ve integrated OpenSprinkler with Home Assistant using the device HAC. I’m able to switch stations on and off using Automations. But when I attempt to turn any of the same switch entities on or off manually nothing happens. As an example:

Yard-Courtyard Station switches on when calling a service in an automation. But the same Yard-Courtyard Station entity does nothing when I attempt to turn it on and off manually.

i dont think there is switches for turning on stations, there is switches for enabling the stations which is different. there is also sensors for stations but they are read from the device

there is a card for open sprinkler in the HACS store, this gives you buttons to manually turn stations on and off, it also shows how long is left etc.

i have been using open sprinkler for years now and its a great device and does work really really well. the only thing that i really want to see is a pause feature, if the sprinklers come on when im in the shower i want to be able to yell at my phone to pause the sprinklers for 10 mins and than have them auto resume. or even better if i could pause them until the water consumption drops (when i hop out of the shower)

I too like the device. It was very easy to integrate. Thank you for the information!