Manually Update Frontend

I would like to manually update the frontend to the newest version ahead of the next release. I’ve run pip uninstall -y home-assistant-frontend && pip install home-assistant-frontend==20190514.0, but when I restart Home Assistant, it still seems to be loading the old version. Normally on a update, I get the A new version of the frontend is available message with a button to reload. How do I manually trigger it to reload, as the button isn’t showing up?


pip install --upgrade home-assistant-frontend

(although no idea if this will break your install)

Is that any different than uninstalling and reinstalling?

slightly - have a look at

either way, it is possible that your install of HA doesn’t want/need/work with the later version of the frontend.

When I use PIP to check dependencies, there are frequently newer versions that HA wants. Including frontend.

Not sure this helps.

I’m up to date now, but I’ll try this next time.