Map Card and GPS

Hi all,

I use Home Assistant in my van and want to display my current location on the Map Card.
I get the current Latitude and Longitude via command_line from my GPS router and it is already displayed correctly in degrees.


- platform: command_line
    name: GPS Breitengrad
    command: "ssh [email protected] 'gpsctl -i'"
    unit_of_measurement: "°"
    scan_interval: 3
    command_timeout: 5
  - platform: command_line
    name: GPS Höhe
    command: "ssh [email protected] 'gpsctl -a'"
    unit_of_measurement: "m"
    scan_interval: 3
    command_timeout: 5

But how can I get these Coordinates displayed in the Map Card?


Maybe read this thread ( Combine GPS sensors and show them on the map, with or without device tracker? - Configuration - Home Assistant Community ( for a similar question.

Thanks for your answer, but it didn’t help me. I tried following automation.

  - id: update_gps_position
    alias: gps_status_x
    alias: Update GPS position
      platform: state
        - sensor.gps_breitengrad
        - sensor.gps_langengrad
    condition: []
      - service: device_tracker.see
          mac: FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:F7
          dev_id: campergps
          host_name: camper
          source_type: gps
            - "{{ states('sensor.gps_breitengrad') }}"
            - "{{ states('sensor.gps_langengrad') }}"

and it is shown as follows:

But when I try to use it, nothing is shown in map:

Do I have to define an device first? But where, the

Solved it! :slight_smile:

I had to add


in configuration.yaml

Thanks for your help

Hi Proflan,

did you also use that Automation you shared? (I mean combine with the “device_tracker” config?

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