Map card - exclude family members from bounds when they're interstate?

Hi Team,

In the event that one of the family are interstate I’d like to exclude them from the map view so that I can get a more meaningful view of who is in the same city. I’ve been fumbling through the code and thought that putting “fitZones: false” in the config might do the trick but no luck. I’m now wondering if my best bet is to do this using leaflet javascript after the fact.

Before I go too far down the road does anyone have any advice?


I don’t think there is any options for this and the only “solution” I can come up with is not very easy to set up.

The only way I know (or at least think would work) is to have a conditional card in the “back”.
This then has condition if “dad” is more than x miles away then use this card (map card with everyone but “dad”).
Then a condition if “mom” …
And so on…

The thing is that if “son” and “dad” is away then that needs a specific card too.

I just thought of a other perhaps much simpler way.

Each person has a fake device tracker that follows the real person.
But an automation could kick in if the person is too far away and use the device tracker see to set this fake device tracker in a place you all know is “away” but still close (in a river or lake or something).

Perhaps you don’t even need the automation, perhaps it’s possible to template it in the setup of the device tracker.

Obviously if you are all on holiday together this card will be an annoyance due to you all being in the river/lake.

Thanks - that sounds good. I’ll go down the second path.

I missed your response at the time - apologies. Appreciate your thoughts and time.