Map Card is not accurate

[Edit] I found the reason for the deviation; It comes down to ne number of digits used. The GPS provides 4 digits accuracy, and all four must be used.

The default Map-Card gives a very inaccurate positioning of my car’s location. When I grab the GPS coordinates manually from the position attributes, and paste it into Google Maps, I get a very precise location - exactly where I know I parked my car.
Here’s an illustration of the difference:
Map Card:

Google Maps:

Even when I load OpenStreetMap directly in a browser and paste the GPS coordinates, it still failes to accurately position the car. So, is this an OpenStreetMap issue? Is it using a positioning system which is different from Google Maps?

Checked this for my Audi MMI integration and it is 100% accuracy between map card and what Audi app shows (and it is using google maps) In fact difference between reported postion and actual one is ~3 meters. So could it be something wrong with Seat integration, how it reports position to HA?