Map card with start and end date and time

I have a particular need to show my tracked location in a map card but limited to a specific date and time range. The only time setting I can find is hours_to_show. It always shows the history up to the present. Is there a way to only show last Tuesday (for example) and not the the time between then and now. Is this possible? How?

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I do not have an answer for you, however I am interested in this type of ‘entity /w attributes’ on a map presentation in Home Assistant as well.

I have been diddling around with geoJSON and Home Assistant’s support of this data type. If you review the ‘Earthquake’ integration, you will see a little about this data types usefulness. I am hoping that the Home Assistant developers will get the interest to make geoJSON a first class data provider/‘sensor’. There have been a couple efforts to increase the functionality of geoJSON feeds in Home Assistant, however, they seem to have stalled out. I think there are a number of untapped possibilities for this data type/feed in Home Assistant. I think will try and pitch improvements to this come October when the developers solicit input for new functionality. Good hunting hope you find a good solution to your need!