Map new sensor to old sensor name

I have just installed the passive ble integration to replace the old mitemp integration. I’d like to map the new sensors onto the old sensor names save rebuilding all sorts of integrations. Is there an easy way to do this?

Go to Configuration / Entities, select the entity you want to change the entity_id for and change it.

Thanks for that. I was playing with this and I think it is a question of order.

I have these 2 sensors

The sensor currently known as ‘Cat Room’ is to be superseded by the once currently named ble temperature mi_t_4c65a8d8de98 from a new integartion.

I am happy to delete the old one.

The attributes of the sensor are the same.

I’d like to migrate the names completely so the new sensor replaces the old.

Click on Cat Room
Copy the Entity Id.
Delete Cat Room.
Click on ble temperature mi_t_4c65…etc
Paste in the entity id.
Change the name to Cat Room.

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Perfect - many thanks :grinning: