Map not showing history of movement of person. history still at home

After the most recent update my person entities aren’t showing as having moved anywhere on the map (Map card showing history for 6 hours). They show the correct location, namely not at home but there is no movement history to get there. when you look at the history of the person entity itsself, its showing as still at home and always has been, despite the person being shown in the correct location currently on the map.

Anyone else suffering with this?

Do you have other devices logged in as the same user?

Its the same for the 3 users that I track on the map. The user status shows away from home or in other zones, thats fine but when you look at the history it shows them as always being at home. One of the users (me) I log in in several different locations but the other two users are only them logged in on their personal devices. All three report the same and all three show no movement history on the map.

Dis you solve this problem?