Map panel not showing Zones or people

Sorry if this has been asked before, I’ve done a quick search and not found anything.

Ever since the .94 update, my map panel has stopped showing my zones and stopped showing the locations of our phones. It’s possible I missed something in the breaking changes, although I didn’t see a reference to losing map functionality.

Owntracks is telling me when I’m home and in one of the zones, but the map itself is blank. Any help would be appreciated.

if this is the normal map in the gallery on the left of the interface, it will never show your devices when they are home. That is by design. Home devices don’t appear on the map.

Sorry, I actually meant the Map Card. Everything was showing until the upgrade to 0.94. I’ve just upgraded to 0.95 and there’s been no change.

I must have been having a brain fart. I fixed it today.
Mental note - Always double check your work.

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