Map radius perimeter setting

For my Hassio installation, the default map view, basically shows my house roof. And I would like to default see the house with a wider perimeter.

Is it possible to set the map setting to a default specific radius perimeter?

  # This will override the default home zone
  - name: Home
    latitude: 32.8793367
    longitude: -117.2474053
    radius: 100   #<-----------------------------------<<<<
    icon: mdi:account-multiple

The radius is defaulted to 100 meters. And I have the orange circle around my house.

But this does nothing to the scale of the map rendered.
What I am trying to achieve is to make Hassio render Google maps zoomed out, more than the default map displayed. So I see more of the surroundings.

Sorry I misunderstood. I thought you wanted to increase the radius of the Home zone.

There should be a (-) button in the top left corner of the map you can use to zoom out. Or use your mouse scroll wheel while looking at the map.

If you want it to default to the zoomed out view you might have to create another zone at the edge of the map at the zoom level you want. HA will auto zoom to show all defined zones when the map is first displayed.

Yhea. I was hoping that Hassio could remember last zoom level and positioning of the map.

Did you ever find any way to do this… I am trying the same thing now

Sorry, no.
But if you have another sensor some km from your house, - an outside air quality sensor, HA will zoom out to cover all sensors.

There’s a zoom option available now, but it seems it’s only working inside the “map card” of Lovelace.
Tried to configurate this zoom option in the configurator in the “zone” section, but it does not to change the zoom level in sidebar map.

here’s how to set the zoom function in the “map card”

Anybody found a solution to this? I don’t want to use a card I just want to use the full screen view from the side menu but I want it zoomed OUT not really close as it currently defaults?