MariaDB error

I have been having some stability issues with HA so I thought maybe i need to update to MariaDB. I keep getting this error in the Maria DB logs and I just want to see if there is a way to fix it?
[Warning] Aborted connection 30 to db: 'homeassistant' user: 'homeassistant' host: '' (Got an error reading communication packets)

A little more info could be helpfull. As I’m having a few issues myself with MariaDB, I want to help you wherever I can.

Do you use the MariaDB addon? If so on which version are you at? And HA?

yes im using the addon as my recorder it is version 2.5.2 and im using HAOS
Home Assistant 2023.3.1
Supervisor 2023.01.1
Operating System 9.5
Frontend 20230302.0 - latest
I am having severe stability issues where HA will totally lockup and wont even allow me to ssh, I’m not sure if it is a DB issue and I don’t really want to reinstall and rebuild all my automations, it is very frustrating.

Thanx for the info. Bit different system as I have. I’ve got a Debian Supervised system.

Sounds like a way bigger problem with your system. Hard disk full? Or even worse is it bad?
Did you manage to get it running again?

I’m upgrading my system again to 2023.3.2… Think my MariaDB addon will struggle and fail. But fingers crossed. maybe, maybe it works this time around.

Hard drive is practically empty, I ordered some new ram to see if that will help

Ok, so that is not the problem. Did you by any change change something in the config for the mariadb addon? You did not change the maximum allowed number of connections?

RAM could be the culprit too, indeed.

I didn’t change anything in the addon, I just disabled most of my add-ons and I will see if the stability improves then launch them one at a time. Again this could not have anything to do with maria db but I was getting lots of db errors.
I’m getting very sick of having to restart the entire PC every two days

Did either of you find a solution to this issue?